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Sami flew in in first class and planned to stay for the night because he is in town for sales meeting. Sami is 24 years old office supplies sales rep.

Sami is also ‘Millenial’, so he is used to use his phone for everything from paying bills to connect with his friends, so naturally Sami would like to place an order with his phone aswell.

Provide Sami with first class service with Ordly.


Never again have an outdated room service menu

With Ordly your room service menu or list of services will always stay up-to-date. We actually take it a step further by allowing you to promote special offers inside the app and add/hide/remove goods and services when needed.

Your offering is always available and always up-to-date.

Promote all your services

Add your whole array of services into Ordly and allow your customers to easily browse them through a single user-friendly interface.

Your customers will absolutely love it!

Increase your sales

  • With easy ordering and delivery

  • By promoting all your goods and services

  • By serving your customers on multiple languages

  • By increasing customer happiness and average review score

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Save Energy with Ordly by removing minibars

By eliminating the need for minibars with Ordly, You will

  • Save money in repair and electricity costs

  • Be more environment friendly!

  • Provide your customers better service

  • Provide wider selection of products

  • Provide real time updates and prices

Average minibar electricity consumption per year
Cost of electricity €/kWh (Finland average)
Cost of one Minibar a year in electricity
Electricity cost of an average of 20 minibars


Put the service back in to Room Service

Provide your customers with an always up-to-date digital version of your room service menu anytime, anywhere.

Forget print menus with static pricing and queuing on the phone with reception. Ordly allows you absolute freedom over your offering and pricing and your customers the freedom of ordering when it best suits them.

Hassle free ordering with 0% margin of error, call-for-service inside the app and services such as wake up calls right in the app; That’s service!

Location menu with coffee
Serving a build your own hamburger

Don’t limit your offering, serve better

Ordly is not just a menu, it’s a digital service channel. That means you are not limited to just products inside the app, you can also provide your customers with services such as ordering a wake up call, setting up late checkout or ordering dry cleaning.

Allow your customers to easily tailor their experience by providing them with a clear listing of your products and services inside the Ordly app.

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